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Welcome to Indutex!

All our history, expertise and know-how in  production of packaging fabrics by impregnation or laminating of fabric, plastic and microcrystalline petroleum wax, as well as beeswax or vegetable wax 

The Indutex team

Get to know us

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Francois Gruyer

Company manager


Marwan Pajnic

Sales Manager


Clement Gruyer

Marketing Manager

Since 1955

Indutex is a family business, specialist and leader in France in the production of packaging fabrics by impregnation or lamination of fabrics. The annual production is over 3 million m².  Building on our expertise of over 65 years, we are convinced that we must rethink our packaging to reduce our plastic waste in order to support the ecological transition, we are dedicating a team to the production and marketing of our eco-responsible packaging.


Since 2018, Indutex has also produced fabrics coated with beeswax, ECO WRAP and more recently, VEGE WRAP, coated with 100% vegetable wax. In June 2021, we launched our ear candle.  The production of ear candles with natural cotton and 100% organic beeswax, for the relaxation and comfort of the ear canal is one of our specialties.


In 2019, our project stood out and received the Business and Environment award, Circular Economy category, awarded by ADEME and the Minister for Ecological and Solidarity Transition, Ms. Elisabeth Borne. We were also winners of the 2019 SIRHA Innovation Grand Prix, special Green mention.  

We have chosen to offer a quality product with 75% of French raw materials, certified organic ECOCERT.

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The ear candles by Indutex are made in Villers-Cotterêts, in Picardy, 90 km from Paris. In order to promote social inclusion in our region, our ear candles are rolled up and shaped in remand centers & conditioned at ESAT APEI of 2 Vallées, 5 km from the production factory.


Indutex Group - Gerex coating

Gerex coating

Specialist in the transformation of paper, cardboard, non-woven and various flexible materials in reels for various industrial uses.


Sustainable and ecological packaging to replace stretch film and aluminum in your kitchen

Ear candles

Ear candles with natural cotton and 100% organic beeswax.

Safe cake

Non-slip paper intended for bakers, caterers and restaurateurs.

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