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Bone Guard fabric for meat

A whole range of fabrics used in slaughterhouses to prevent perforation of shrink plastic bags during vacuuming and during transportation and storage of pieces of meat with protruding bones.

Prevents leaks from vacuum-packed meat packaging

Mise en place du boneguard sur la piéce de viande

How does it work ?

  1. Place the Bone guard packaging on the parts

meat bones

​The boneguard osnet canvas range 

  • OSNET 1 = Cotton canvas + wax

  • OSNET 2 = Cotton canvas + plastic film + wax

  • OSNET 5 = Cotton canvas + metallized film + wax

  • OSNET 10 and 12 = Non-woven fabric + wax

Bone Guard Leaf Dispenser

In order to make it easier to grip the Boneguard canvas sheets, Indutex offers this very simple system allowing you to easily cut the canvas sheets one by one.

The coil must be pre-cut beforehand.

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