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BRCGS Certification

By choosing INDUTEX, a BRCGS certified company  for  the hygiene of your packaging, you can be sure:

  • that INDUTEX packaging is manufactured in accordance with the hygiene regulations in force;

  • that the packaging manufacturer has been audited;

  • that the codes of good hygiene practices are respected in the process and in the production environment;

  • to meet the requirements and expectations of your distribution markets in Europe and internationally;

  • to benefit from the expertise of an independent organization recognized in certification.

The BRCGS/Packaging standard (formerly BRC/IoP) has the advantage of being applicable to all types of packaging (paper-cardboard, metal, glass, plastics, wood, etc.) and of being adjustable according to the risk to be cover (high or low hygiene risk). This certification is internationally recognized and is based on a reference system, detailing the provisions to be implemented in order to guarantee that a product complies with regulatory requirements and good manufacturing practices.

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Indutex Group - Gerex coating

Gerex coating

Specialist in the transformation of paper, cardboard, non-woven and various flexible materials in reels for various industrial uses.


Sustainable and ecological packaging to replace stretch film and aluminum in your kitchen

Ear candles

Ear candles with natural cotton and 100% organic beeswax.

Safe cake

Non-slip paper intended for bakers, caterers and restaurateurs.

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