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Biodegradable Grafting Tape

Ribbon made of a natural cotton weft impregnated with microcrystalline wax (wax)

Modular, self-adhesive


Watertight protection of the graft, reduces the need for grafting putty

Tensile resistant

Hand tearable without tools


LONODIS biodegradable grafting tape is applied manually by wrapping and simple manual pressure.

After 3 to 6 months the tape detaches alone from the graft and biodegrades on the ground in 12 months.



Test carried out in Savoie

First impressions: I cut strips about 3cm wide for the English and slit grafts, very quick to set up compared to rubber bands. Perfect seal thanks to the wax. For the crown grafts, I cut out larger strips, about 8cm wide. There I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of execution of the transplant thanks to these bands. Once the notches have been made and the grafts placed, two spiral turns with the last turn protruding by about 4cm upwards (I was surprised by the resistance of your bands since on this type of graft you have to tighten very hard), then an incision directly above each graft to be able to fold the band over the top of the rootstock. Puttying just around the grafts and of course on the top of them.  

Here are my first impressions of these grafting bands, I find that they provide comfort and speed of execution by avoiding a long and tedious job of puttying.

Test carried out in the Sarthe

A light gauze coated with a translucent wax that does not stick to hands or tools. On a slit graft, the ribbon is easily placed in a spiral from bottom to top, with overlapping turns.

In contact with the fingers, the slightly warmed wax, weld the end of the ribbon on itself. It's clean, it holds, it's fast and it gives it right the first time 

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